Our Mission
Transforming individuals into investors with a simple, inclusive approach to finance.
Our Mission
Investing for everyone
Our goal is to make it easier for both novice and experienced investors to achieve their financial goals.
Current investors will enjoy the higher rates our CMA offers compared to other brokerage sweep accounts or conventional bank accounts, while new investors will benefit from a simplified process in which a bank account is linked to a small menu of quality investment products to combine higher returns with immediate access to all funds.
When everyone has an equal opportunity to grow assets through smart investing, we can close the gender and racial wealth gaps while creating a better financial future for all.
We believe in...
We’re helping individuals build wealth by offering a better financial product that eliminates the fees, confusion, and inaccessibility traditionally associated with investing.
We’ve developed sophisticated, patent-pending technology that results in better money management through easy-to-use solutions.
We work with trusted financial companies, community organizations, and non-profits to offer a customized CMA to serve them and their members.
We’re creating a community where everyone has equal access to quality investment funds, including those previously unavailable to many individuals.