How It Works
Easier access to your cash for today. Higher growth on your savings for tomorrow.
All your financial needs in one place.
Banking, saving, and investing
in a single account
ICM’s proprietary, API-driven technology links the CMA directly to specified investments, creating the only product in the world that essentially transforms securities into digital transaction currencies.

Our modern approach to CMAs also empowers you to choose the currency in which you want to save and transact, which can be different across investments.

By combining the liquidity of banking, the convenience of payments, and the high return of investing, we’re delivering more value for clients, advisors, and asset managers.
A fully integrated banking and brokerage product
The CMA is funded just like any other bank account – via direct deposit, wire, or ACH transfer (Plaid) from another account. You can then allocate funds to the mobile banking account and varied brokerage subaccounts with no fees for transfers or investments.
You can then move funds seamlessly between banking and brokerage accounts at no charge, so it’s immediately available when it’s needed and earning more when it’s not.

Everyday Savings

1-3 Months

FDIC-Insured bank account

Access it for:

Daily retail purchases
Mortgage or rent
Utility bills
Subscriptions or memberships

Short-Term Savings

3-12 Months


Access it for:

New vehicles
Home renovations

Long-Term Savings

12+ Months


Access it for:

New home
See the power of modern cash management returns

Cash Availability

Your money stays liquid and accessible,
no matter where it's invested.

Higher Returns

Earn more on your everyday cash.

Easy Payments

Free online bill pay, a contactless debit
card, and the ability to make purchases
via Apple Pay or Google Pay.

No Minimums

No minimum balance requirement to

Free ATMs

Access to 55,000 surcharge-free ATMs

No Fees

No overdraft fees, no monthly service
fees, and no commissions associated
with investing or trading.

Unlimited Transfers

Seamless transfers between accounts,
person to person payments to family
and friends-all at no charge.

Early Pay

Ability to receive direct deposit
paychecks up to two days early.

Mobile Banking

A branded mobile app for 24/7 access to
your account in the palm of your hand.

Frequently Asked Questions
Investing in your future is easy

Why use a Cash Management Account (CMA)?

ICM’s CMA empowers you to enhance the way you manage your cash. Rather than leaving your money in no/low interest bank checking and savings accounts, the CMA enables you to optimize your returns on your cash. Multiple subaccounts provide flexibility to move money between investments.
Yes, but only in the investment accounts; all securities have a risk of loss. Funds held in your FDIC-insured bank account are guaranteed against lost.
Once enrolled, you can manage your money through a mobile app or desktop website. You can continue to add funds through direct deposit or bank transfers. You can make payments through bill pay or the investment debit card.
There is no limit. You can access your funds instantly and as many times as you like using the investment debit card.
You can’t enroll through ICM directly. Instead, you can connect with one of our wealth management, asset management, or community organization partners.
Plaid is a secure technology that enables you to seamlessly connect your financial accounts to the software apps and services you choose, including ICM. Over 11,000 financial institutions and banks use Plaid. We use Plaid to authenticate you during the sign-up process and enable you to fund your account via ACH. Learn more about Plaid here.
ICM Platform as a Service (PaaS)
Scale your existing infrastructure by leveraging our unique and flexibly designed ICM PaaS technology. Our modern approach to cash management enables us to deliver a turnkey product to fit your platform and achieve your business goals. Components of our product can plug seamlessly into your business, thereby providing your clients with a fully integrated banking and brokerage experience and enhancing your overall value proposition.
Institutional Solutions for Individual Clients on a Global Scale
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We only offer our CMA through our partners
Interested in becoming a partner? We can deliver a fully branded product (debit card, mobile app, and desktop portal) that is fully customized and implemented within 75 days. We can also integrate into your existing frontend and infrastructure.
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